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FTFL santa

Feeding the Frontline Secret Santa Program:

The Covid-19 pandemic continues to affect all of our lives and livelihoods. Reuland Food Service, like many in the service industry, has been greatly affected by this pandemic. Thanks to the tremendous support of the community we are still here to offer our services as we have for the last 65 years. We know that there are many feeling a strain much greater than ours and we are asking for the community’s support to help us help them.

We are renewing our Feed the Frontline initiative to show our appreciation for those in the medical field as they work long, tireless hours caring for those affected by Covid-19. With the support from the community we were able to deliver over 10,000 boxed lunches in April and May to healthcare workers, homeless shelters, food pantries, police and fire departments, and many other organizations chosen by our sponsors.  In our renewed effort we will be offering hot holiday meals throughout the month of December. All meals are packaged in microwave safe containers. There is no minimum sponsorship needed, every dollar will help make a difference. We realize that there are many people making a difference or in need of a little something special so sponsorships are available for any individual or organization that you would like to support.

How it works:

We will collect sponsorships in November and December. Each meal will be $10. The cost includes the coordination and delivery to organizations. Beginning in December we will contact local hospitals and healthcare facilities and distribute sponsored meals to them. Our goal is to deliver sponsored meals for all hospital and healthcare staff in Aurora. You are also welcome to sponsor meals directly for any organization, family or individual that may be in need. We will handle coordination and delivery for hospitals and other local organizations. For meals sponsored for families or individual meals we will have curbside pick up available or the sponsors are welcome to pick up and distribute.

As more and more people are financially impacted by this pandemic we believe it also important to assist the local food pantries in their efforts. For every dollar sponsored we will donate 5% to the Aurora Interfaith and Marie Wilkinson food pantries.

If  you would like to sponsor meals please contact us at 630-859-2877 or via email at brigitreuland5@gmail.com. We are also able to accept venmo sponsorships at @ryan-reuland-1.

Thank you to an unbelievable generous and supportive community!